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The GirlFriend & GuyFriend Tribe

The Girl & Guy Friend Tribe is a place we provide business and financial education taught by Tax AdvizHER and other experts. We make sure that you have the knowledge on how to become business savvy and financially sound.

What the Tribe Provides


Building wealth and financial stability comes from investing and handling your business with the key concepts and frameworks. As part of the GF Tribe you will gain the basic literacy in marketing, finance, accounting, and operations—skills which you can use to transition to a new career, start or improve your small business.


The GF Tribe will educate you how to create and manage a budget, save for a rainy day or upscale purchases, invest in your retirement, and elevate your business and financial lifestyle.


It is time to stop living by the mantra, “New Year, new you?” Year after year, we set these resolutions and goals – for them to get tossed out before the year can fully bloom. You will create the life you desire and deserve with securing the bag consistently with the GF Tribe.

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